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St. Clair River - Maintenance Dredging

Canadian Coast Guard

St. Clair River Maintenance Dredging

The Southeast Bend Cut-off Channel was originally dredged in 1956-59 as part of the St. Lawrence Seaway navigation project. The channel is at the outlet of the St. Clair River in Lake St. Clair and requires frequent maintenance dredging to maintain advertised grade depths. 


In 2007 the first large scale dredging project was undertaken with extensive beneficial reuse of dredged material. Over 90,000 tonnes of dredged material from the upstream shoal was designated for recycling. The Ministry of the Environment (MOE) was very cautious and concerned because of negative connotations associated with contamination in the St. Clair River. An agreement with the MOE was eventually reached and their conditions were imposed in the contract.


Riggs Engineering provided professional engineering services throughout the project including liaison with regulatory agencies, sediment sampling, hydrographic surveys, contract administration, field review services during construction and environmental effects monitoring.