Our Projects - Timiskaming, Ont.

Timiskaming Dam Complex - Rehabilitation:

Public Works and Government Services Canada owns and operates the Timiskaming Dam Complex which crosses the Ottawa River near the towns of Thorne, Ontario and Témiscaming, Québec.

Riggs Engineering was retained by Nor Eng Engineering and Construction Inc. to provide civil and structural engineering services for repairs to the Timiskaming Dam head works, piers and sluices, and new automated stop log and lift assemblies.

The basis of design was as follows:

- The design water levels were estimated using hydrologic frequency analysis of the difference in water levels between the upstream and downstream sides of the Timiskaming Dam Complex.

- The designs of steel and timber stop logs were based on both hydrostatic and hydrodynamic induced forces including seismic induced force.

- The design of steel end caps for both steel and timber stop logs was based on static and finite element analysis. Loads were considered for both pulling and compacting of the stop logs.

- The design of a timber protection wall to protect the workers during operation of the dam was based on static analysis.

- The design of an extension platform on the upstream side of the Ontario dam was based on static and finite element analysis.

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