Our Projects - St. Marys, Ont.

Wildwood Dam Baffle Wall Repairs:

Riggs Engineering was engaged to perform an investigation of the baffle walls leakage at Wildwood Dam, located east of the town of St. Marys, Ontario. The integrity of the joints between the baffle walls and the north and south spillway walls are critical in providing the structural stability of the dam. Deterioration at the joint raised concerns regarding the overall safety of the dam.

Riggs Engineering examined the physical cracks in the baffle walls and researched the historical records for details of existing reinforcement. Analysis showed that the existing reinforcement provided was inadequate; however, the contractor at the time of construction utilized steel angles in the formwork. If the angles remained in the permanent work, they would strengthen the walls. Thus, finite element analysis was performed to assess the stress distribution in the baffle walls and found that if the angles were not in the permanent work the dowels would be overstressed and fortification would be required.

Riggs Engineering recommended and supervised an intrusive investigation which confirmed that the angles did indeed remain in the permanent work, thus avoiding costly emergency repairs.

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