Our Projects - Port Stanley, Ont.

Project Info:

The Port Stanley harbour is located in Elgin County on the north shore of Lake Erie at the mouth of Kettle Creek.

Riggs Engineering provided support to a business case study regarding the financial viability of the harbour and investigated the short term and long term fate of sediments deposited by Kettle Creek. Riggs Engineering provided future harbour development options and evaluated possible disposal of dredged sediment including open water disposal, with the following:

- Completed a comprehensive analysis of previous harbour dredging, along with sediment volumes removed in the past.

- Documented the inner and outer harbour environment, as the type of sedimentation differs in inner and outer sections.

- Evaluated the historical rates of harbour infilling. Rates of historical infilling were used to gauge future infilling rates, and thus estimate future dredging volumes and associated costs.

- Strategized maintenance dredging for both the inner and outer harbour.

- Investigated short term and long term fates of open water dredged material disposal and how deposited mounds will move and evolve with time.

- Utilized numerical modeling for quantitative assessment for all disposal options, and implicitly considered:

- Complex disposal site bathymetry;

- Multiple discrete dump operations from barges, scows and hoppers; and

- Quantification of dynamics of in-place dredged material mounds over the short term and/or long term.

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