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Floating Wharf Breakwater

Extensive finite element analysis of the floating dock, floating breakwater and aluminum gangway.

The dead and live load forces and reactions, including structural steel and timber superstructure, were modelled to determine various design conditions.

The T-dock floats’ design consisted of quadruple and single steel pipe flotation units which were modelled as shell elements. Typically each float module is 17.5 m long by 7.3 m wide.

The floating breakwater design is generally a typical float module attached with a wave attenuator to provide protection/shelter to recreational vessels.

The 15 m long by 2.4 m wide gangway leading to the floats was designed with aluminum and timber decking to minimize loads on floating docks.

The T-shaped floating dock is primarily designed for high berthage capacity for public use or gatherings/festivals.

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