Our Projects - Kettle Creek, Ont.

Hydrologic and Hydraulic Modelling:

Riggs Engineering has recently completed a hydrotechnical study on behalf of the Kettle Creek Conservation Authority. As part of the study, a hydrologic model of the Kettle Creek watershed was developed. The objective of the hydrologic modeling was to quantify the response of the watershed to high intensity short duration storm events. The model was calibrated and verified using existing data. Following calibration, precipitation inputs were prepared to simulate a regulatory storm event. Flows obtained from the hydrologic model were subsequently used to delineate the extent of flooding.

Hydraulic modelling within the town of Port Stanley was carried out to establish flood lines for a number of different scenarios related to harbour dredging. It was established that different harbour configurations (dredged to full draft, dredged to recreational draft, or fully silted) could produce markedly different upstream flooding impacts. The scenarios of our study were presented both to the conservation authority and municipal officials, as well as to local interested residents.

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