Our Projects - Erieau, Ont.

Rondeau Harbour Improvements:

Riggs Engineering was retained by Fisheries and Oceans Canada to investigate the condition of the existing piers in the commercial fishing basin in the Rondeau Harbour, at Erieau, Ontario (located on the north shore of Lake Erie).

The investigation determined that the timber on the existing timber laminate composite deck was deteriorated and the timber piles caps were showing sign of rot and vessel impact damage.

Riggs Engineering designed and supervised the rehabilitation. The project included the following:

- Replacement of the deteriorating timber laminate composite deck and timber pile caps.

- Demolition of the existing deck down to the top of the existing timber piles. These piles were preserved for re-use.

- New tightly-fit high density polyethylene pipes were placed over the existing pipe and the annular space filled with grout. The existing timber pile caps were replaced with new steel hollow structural steel sections and pinned to the top of the piles.

- Rehabilitation required a deck system and pile caps not exceed the mass of the existing system. Mass was reduced by using precast hollow core slabs with a bonded concrete topping.

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